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1. Will I be able to use my original wheels?

Yes, assuming they are original 5 on 4 ½” Mopar bolt pattern and either 15” or 16” size.


2. Which kit do I need for my car or truck?

Many years and models were fitted with more than one spindle.  You must compare  yours to the pictures on the web page and the one that matches is the one you need to order.  You can always email me a picture of your spindle for confirmation before you order.

3. I didn’t get any instructions in the box?

Correct.  I don’t do paper instructions, haven’t for years.  I email them at the time you  order, check your email or spam folder.


4. How much will it cost to do the conversion?

Cost depends on where you live and where you shop.  Locally, my NAPA store is the most expensive parts source, but the best parts source and I can buy all the necessary parts for under $350.


5. How long does it take to get the kit?

I stock all eleven of the kits I sell and typically ship next day after you order.  USPS tends to deliver in two or three days depending on how far you are from my location in Florida.


6. Do you offer a Chevy bolt pattern?

No, only Mopar 5 on 4 ½” bolt pattern.

7. Which master cylinder should I use?

I recommend using a master cylinder that was installed on the same type vehicle  the calipers in your kit were installed on as a starting point.  There are so many variables in choosing a master cylinder that is the best advice I can give.

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