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Contact Us

We are available 24/7 by email at:

You can pay for any parts or services by Credit Card, Money Order or Cashiers Check.  Credit Card payments can be made using our easy online ordering system. 

Money orders or cashiers checks or parts can be mailed to:
Charlie Akers
6405 Old Kissimmee Rd
Davenport, FL 33896

PLEASE NOTE: A thief calling himself Tom Silex used a counterfeit Royal Bank of Canada money order to steal $250 from me on an order.  As a result of this loss, I now hold anything paid for by Money Order and Cashiers check for a minimum of two weeks before shipping any parts or disc brake kits. I’m sorry, but if you pay using either of these two methods I hold your shipment. Credit Card orders ship immediately.

Please include the year/make/model info for your vehicle when you contact RustyHope with any questions and when you place your order.



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