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Customer Comments

I would have to say that 99.9999% of the folks I have dealt with over the years have been really great. They ask good questions, listen to my answers and when the occasional issue pops up, we work it out. I do get the occasional jerk-hole (see tech support page) and I do all I can to help them out, but in the end they get to choose who they want to be. They can say their piece anywhere they choose, except here! The really great folks get to say it here:

Dan- Shock Arms, “I received the package today, everything looks great and the instructions are very thorough!”

Don- 48 Plymouth, “Got it all back together and adjusted the front end alignment so it drives straight. Works pretty well and not too bad of project. Thanks!”

James- 55 Chrysler, “I really liked doing business with you!”

Tim- 47 Dodge WC, “My son and I installed your conversion kit this weekend. It was one of the smoothest installations I’ve ever done.”

Charles- 48 Pilothouse Dodge, “Received everything on time. Fit and finish is outstanding. Excellent craftsmanship! All parts have matched up and went on flawlessly.”

Bryan- 34 Dodge KC, “Everything went together very easy!”

Tommy- 56 Dodge pickup, “ I do thank you again for the kit, God only knows how many accidents you have prevented.”

Jeff- 48 Plymouth, “I wanted to tell you that I am very impressed with my new brakes on my car, everything went good and the brakes are great! You must have worked at a parts supplier.”

Gerit- 52 Desoto, “I’ve been running your front disc conversion on my car for about 5 years. The customer service has always been great and I’ve been more than pleased with the parts you make.”

Larry- Shock Arms, “Parts were delivered yesterday, they look great. Instructions look great as well!”


More to come!!!

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