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Welcome To RustyHope

Rustyhope has always been a sideline and hobby, not a business. I’ve never relied on it for income or promoted and marketed it as a business. I’ve never raised prices to make more money. I’ve just offered up what I know from 60 years wrenching on old iron and made a few bucks to keep my old Dodge and Plymouth on the road.....and take my wife out for dinner!

I made the kits for guys like me who worked on their own cars and trucks. I made my living at my day job and did Rustyhope as a friendly hobby service, one hot rodder to another. The gold platers could go elsewhere.

That being said, costs have risen to a point where I can’t afford to make and sell the disc brake kits anymore without a significant price increase. So, I am not ordering more parts or materials.

I am going to sell the remaining kits I have in stock and when they are gone, They are gone!

There is not a better or more affordable kit on the market. I hope you get one of the last ones there will ever be for sale.

The guy who orders the last kit gets it for free!

I will still be offering free advice at no charge!!!

RustyHope disc brake kits are priced at $325 for Dodge Truck and Mopar cars with four hole spindles, and for Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, and DeSoto cars with standard diameter three hole spindles. Kits for pre- 35 spindles are $325. Kits for all cars and trucks with undersized spindles are $425. Shop labor to drill and tap your spindles is $2000 and spindle turning is also $200. All prices quoted include shipping to US addresses. International shipping is higher, inquire to for shipping quotes outside the US.

The standard kits fit a variety of years, makes, and models of Mopar vehicles. Virtually all two wheel drive Dodge/Plymouth/Fargo trucks and Dodge, Chrysler, Plymouth, and DeSoto cars, from 1926 through roughly 1959 can be converted to disc brakes using one of my kits. NOTE: The standard kits will only fit spindles with a 1.250 or 1.375 OD where the inner bearing fits and a .750 OD where the outer bearing fits. Undersized kits for spindles at 1.189 diameter are available at an increased price. Spindles with larger diameters can be turned down and converted. Larger trucks- 1,

1 1⁄2 and 2 ton models can be converted, but require additional lathe work as well as spacers and wheel adapters if you plan on running stock wheels.

Note: Lowered cars. These kits were designed to install on stock Mopar cars IFS suspensions. They will install onto cars with lowered aftermarket uprights. The caliper brackets will bolt onto the spindle and everything will mount as intended. However, you may run into clearance issues with the stock steering arms. I’ve sold kits to many people with lowered uprights and they have been installed successfully, but you may have additional work to do beyond the simple conversion installation on a stock suspension car.

Note: Installing this kit will change the track width on your vehicle.

Depending on the year, make, and model as well as your wheels and tires the track will increase as little as a fraction of an inch or as much as 2′′ in some cases. I am not aware of any installation that the track width prevented the kit from working as designed and performing as intended.

All kits include caliper brackets, spacers, hardware, parts list and instructions. You will also need to purchase rotors, calipers, pads, bearings, seals, lug nuts, brake hoses, banjo bolts, and cotter pins. The necessary parts are commonly available nationwide at a variety of parts stores including Napa, Autozone, Advance/Discount, Riley, Pep Boys as well as many others. The rotors on my kits are a Mopar item with a 5 on 4 1/2′′ bolt pattern. The calipers are GM, and the seals, bearings etc. are all off the shelf standard parts. The necessary parts can be purchased for as little as $400 to as much as $600 depending on your location and the parts source you choose.

The conversion requires you to be able to drill and tap two or three mounting holes on each spindle to 5/8′′-18 fine thread depending on which vehicle you are converting. Trucks and early Cars have two holes, and later cars have three. (some early spindles do not require drilling and tapping, simply bolting together) You will also need to drill out the holes in your steering arms to 11/16′′ which is clearance size for a 5/8′′ bolt. I can do this work for you as stated above for $150 in the US, and slightly higher to Canada and elsewhere.

Click an image below to browse our selection in each category:
Posted pricing includes shipping to US address, Canadian orders will incur an additional shipping costs.



1. 46-54 Plymouth Car 7.25”


2. 39-59 Dodge Truck, 39-45 Mopar Car




3. Pre-39 1.189 undersize Dodge Truck, Mopar Car



4. 46-54 Dodge, Desoto, Chrysler Car 8.25”



5. 46-54 BIG Chrysler/DeSoto Car 9.25”- $225


6. Pre-35 1.25” Offset Dodge/Plymouth




7.Pre-35 1.189” Offset Undersize Dodge/Plymouth



8. Post 55 Forward Look Plymouth



9.29-31 Dodge/Plymouth


10. Late 30s Chrysler/DeSoto wide spaced four hole




11. Post 55 Forward Look- Dodge, Chrysler, Desoto



12. Drill Tap



13. Spindle Turning


Package Delivery

14. Canadian Shipping

Milwaukee picture.jpg

Welcome To RustyHope


Ships From Davenport, Florida

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